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Mountain-wear today and tomorrow

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 - 18h17 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

Today styles are more varied and influences come from everywhere including the past: pants are worn slim, regular or extra large leaving underwear visible. Materials are inspired from the city: herringbone, jacquard, jean, velvet, satin, wool and leather are blossoming on the slopes. Obviously they are treated and are laminated with breathable membranes for optimum protection against bad weather conditions.

Vintage comes back again and again, look at the 1907 range from Rossignol, all over prints that give a total look with the material, camouflage is exploited by every brand and bright colours are once again the style on the street, just like the down jacket.

Pro models designed and signed by pro-riders have a huge success with the public. The one-piece, the modern twist on the jumpsuit makes a remarkable comeback in the last 2 years; they are worn loose and low waisted and with attitude.

As far as the future goes, we will no doubt follow the example of Patagonia with their ecological clothes line, who brought out the first polar fleeces made from recycled plastic bottles, emulated by B. snowboards, Lafuma and Dainese. At Rossignol the rider Jeremy Jones develops a line of ecological hard goods, it’s the least they can do as a Pure Mountain Company! Brands are often sensitive with respect to the environment and the areas dedicated to environmental R & D are multiplying within the large brands. Therefore, to be continued…

The 2000 years: The dawn of intelligent clothin

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 - 9h15 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

As fashion is closely linked to society’s movements, at the time where everything’s gone digital, clothes follow suit and communicate; they enable you to stay connected to your iPod &/or your mobile phone. The latest gizmo is the jacket with integrated GPS and a flexible screen on the sleeve and an audio system in the hood. Apart from navigating, it enables you to view your actual speed as well as your itineraries, the distance covered and how long it took. Via your mobile you can also access 3D images of the resort and as much information as you could dream of thanks to GPS connection. You can even access the weather forecast! Masks have integrated micro-cameras when they’re not in the backpacks. Today even helmets communicate! Clothing stitching is thermo-soldered making thread obsolete, patterns are laser cut and fabric is lighter and lighter. Brands such as Kjus with their ‘Impact’ jacket and Quicksilver with their technical underwear propose clothing that hardens in case of a shock to offer optimal protection. The Airvantage from Rossignol enables you to inflate the jacket for better insulation. Likewise at Rossignol their ski pants with a built-in harness wins an award for best product in 2008 and the jackets heat up those who are susceptible to the cold. The all-encompassing technological era has arrived!

Retro chic

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 - 15h23 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

Cool, we’re going skiing! Dressed in “retro chic” fashion because it carries more punch!

Are you a tincey-wincey bit nostalgic for the elegance of winter sports of yesteryear? We have everything you need with the 1907 collection, a flashback to the year Rossignol was created. A very elegant and sober look, with its feminine cut and satin look jacket made from stretch fabric. The trousers are in 4 way stretch and ultra flexible creating the ski pant silhouette. With this very becoming look all that’s remains is to put on your Harmony l Casual skis and carve the slopes with style. Look very closely at them, particularly at their heels: you aren’t the only one to have a nipped in waist, your skis have one too! Slimmed down at the back, these skis are light as a feather and turn with ease. Fluid to ride they guarantee your progression and only surprises are in store for you!

Skis Rossignol Harmony I Casual + Poles Harmony + Skiboots Xena X60 + Goggles Glam Croco Black + Pearl JacketSaphir Pant W+ beanes Perrine + T-shirt ML Lilac

The 3rd millennium: The high fashion years of 2000

Thursday, March 11th, 2010 - 9h00 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

The year 2000 embarks in luxury; Chanel, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Escada produce their skiwear collections on the catwalks. Chanel even has personalised skis and snowboards. Colours reflect the winter landscape; white, beige, cream, sky blue, glacier blue, all lifted with a little splash of red. Very fashionable designer pieces certainly, but lacking the technical and function aspects.

Jean Holvoet, in charge of the textile department at Rossignol has a bright idea to invite Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to create an original line of clothing each winter with the aid of Rossignol’s technical expertise, he will even design the outfits for the French Freestyle team for the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, of which Doriane Vidal scoops the silver medal in the half-pipe. Riding on this success Rossignol also invites the Pucci designer house in 2004 to create a designer technical range with bright colours and prints for the girls. The marquis Emilio Pucci was a member of the Italian ski team in the 30’s and drew the outfits as we saw them at the beginning of his career. In 2004 Pucci’s artistic director is no other than Christian Lacroix, the ultra-feminine collections are nothing less than spectacular. A creative wind is blowing and the brand succeeds in the challenge of marrying technical with aesthetics with the first printed GoreTex.

For the last few years Burton has a line by Paul Smith, Tommy Hilfiger brings out his line of ski wear this winter, and Lafuma redesigns the Esqui-Maude down jacket by Thierry Mugler in a limited series.

Une tenue de la collection hiver 0708 créée par JCC pour Rossignol. Imprimé, pièces moulantes et matières nobles pour les afficionados du créateur.

Let’s feminise Freestyle!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 - 16h29 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

Take advantage of the snow parks, not forgetting THE ad hoc outfit for the occasion! Long live eccentricity! It’s the necessary inspirational ingredient for freestyle skiing. The Poppy 80 skis should boost your creativity and make a statement in the snow parks. These skis are ‘pop’ in every sense of the word: aesthetically very girlie and also technically out there, they give energy to the tricks. Product team are as always on the ball for details, the matching poles are a must! If winter isn’t long enough to practice all those new figures, you’ll have the whole summer on the glaciers to test your style to perfection in the snow camps at Les 2 Alpes, Diablorets or Tignes, the freestyle Meccas.

Freestylers are strongly recommended to wear a helmet and back protection, and sunglasses should be put aside in favour of a mask…

Skis Poppy 80 + Poles Poppy + Helmet Toxic + Ski boots Myth Sensor3 90Star Jacket WStar pant+ Goggle Alias Attraxion + Gloves Mia G W + Back Protection Black Protect Sr (6 plaques)

1990 – 2000: Street wear arrives - The city comes to the mountains

Saturday, March 6th, 2010 - 9h14 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

In the 90’s we reinforce the expansion of technical mountain brands such as Millet, Aigle, Patagonia, Lafuma, Lowe Alpine, Columbia, Helly Hansen, etc, who present a sober and functional look; 3 layers, waterproof zips and stitching, ventilation, snow skirts, GoreTex, stretch, Outlast fabric that regulates the heat, the R&D labs are firing on all four cylinders, the technical aspect is the calling card and fuels all designers.

Snowboarders reign, beanies on their heads daytime and night-time – known as the “beanie gnomes”. They wear long jackets and baggy pants inspired by skateboarder styles and the latest street wear imported from the US. Extra wide checked trousers with cargo pockets rock. Khaki, Bordeaux, black, pine green are the in colours. Burton, the leading snowboard brand started up in 1977, imposes its style and stays avant-garde with its outerwear collection B. Snowboards. Girls, who are more and more numerous in this sport from this point on have a dedicated choice of lines, when they aren’t a specialised brand like Roxy; and even if the pants stay wide to allow ease of movement the jackets become fitted.

At the end of this century brands such as Rossignol or Salomon start up their mountain wear collections, Rossignol develops two particular areas; technical skiwear and a specialised snowboarding line, both highly technical with the use of GoreTex and Outlast, but with a look adapted to the new riding trends. The American firm Oakle,y as well as Nike ACG, also diversify into mountain wear.

In the middle of the 90’s parabolic skis replace straight skis. A new turn that announces the new freeskiing craze with the Bandit in 1999 and new school skiing at the beginning of 2000 with the famous Rossignol Scratch inspired totally by snowboarding. As far as snowboarding, freestyle reigns, the alpine snowboard falls into demise.

“This is not a cloud…” by JCC

Thursday, March 4th, 2010 - 11h50 / by heidi in Mountain style

This season you will have realised, just like Doriane, we fell head over heels for Jean Charles de Castelbaljac’s pop/chic collection. Here are some photos from the catalogue, as well as the fashion show video of the ready-to-wear collection, the inspiration for these dazzling outfits!

The much talked about down jacket “ This is not a cloud…” worn by Doriane Vidal, the snowboarder recently spotted backstage at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Doudoune SMILY Cloud

Doudoune SMILY red

Doudoune SMILY green + Pant FITTY

Jacket SWAN + Pant BOBBY GTX

Jacket CANDY

Jacket WENDY

And for those who are nostalgic for little building blocks, here’s a fun video of JCC’s fashion show in 100% Lego. We love the Playmobil version of Anna Wintour at the 29th second, accompanied by her little devil… dressed in Prada, naturally!

1985-1990: The fun fluo years!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 - 9h04 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

In 1984 the soon to become cult film “Apocalypse Snow” with Régis Rolland gives snowboarding stigma and consequently the fun years are born. Snowboarding really takes off in winter 1986/87 and Rossignol are the first ski company to manufacture a specialized alpine snowboard with their legendary model ‘Avion’. After buying out Anoralp in 1984, Rossignol take their first steps in the textile industry, something that would stop in 1990 and start up again 5 yeas later with their creation of Sportline…

In 1985 fluo is everywhere, worn as a total look including the face; remember Zinc, imported sun cream from Australia! Surfing brands start up snow wear that suit the snowboarding scene: the case with Quicksilver and their “war paint” prints or O’Neil and their fluo yoked jumpsuits. New brands are created alongside this new discipline; Oxbow for example started up in 1986 in Bordeaux swamp the market with their suede jackets and thick woollen jumpers with motifs that are worn over the top of jackets. Also the German brand, Chiemsee bring success in 1988 with their fluo jackets and jumpsuits with all-over dotted kangaroos. At the end of the 80’s the fluo years leave room for more neutral colours in a return to minimalism; white, black, grey and dark blue come back in force.

Park Style: Elvis is back!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 - 12h49 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

Going unnoticed in the Snowpark, you gotta be kidding! Here’s how to steal the limelight with a total look for that funky mountain chick. Rock ‘n’ roll is rife in the snow world, a trend that’s creating a stir.

If you’ve been following Heidi carefully, Arno Repa, the product manager for Rossignol snowboard & our clever ideas man, has already explained the how and why of the rocker. An invention so brilliant that it gives you maximum sensations for minimum effort. With this Justice snowboard the comfort of the ride on all terrain is absolute. Teamed with bindings of the same name, the look will blow you away. For someone who loves to dazzle on the slopes, if the snow Grammy awards existed, it would be you who’d take the spotlight!

From top to bottom & left to right:

Board: Rossignol Justice + Bindings Justice + Helmet Toxic Fashion + Trousers: JCC by Rossignol Dandy Pt + Jacket Star Down JktMask Glam2 black + Hat Cherry Black + Gloves Kelly W

Powder to go-go: a special ‘Into the wild’ range

Friday, February 19th, 2010 - 12h31 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

An ode to powder skiing, it’s 10 years since the famous Rossignol Bandit made its mark, now the girl’s B86 version is here. This freeride ski can rip the pistes with as much style as off-piste and so the entire mountain will be at your mercy. Slip into the Myth Sensor3 80 boots, especially construed for little feet and the one-piece outfit, and all that’s left is to click on sur to book your heli-skiing CMH in Canada and attack 30,000 metres of vertical bliss in five days! If you’re smart you’ll remember your safety kit, an apparatus for locating avalanche victims, shovel, probe and airbag rucksack, because in the mountains zero risk does NOT exist… Attention please, this equipment is not for decoration: to have it with you is one thing, but you must know how to use it. To those good listeners, see you on the virgin slopes of Cariboos in British Colombia!

From left to right & top to bottom:

Combo ROSSIGNOL: skis B86 + poles Freeride Women + ski boots Myth Sensor3 80 + Helmet Toxic Fashion + mask Glam + One Piece  Supernova Suit W +Mittens B80 M W

Kit A.R.V.A. shovel & probe ORTOVOX: apparatus for locating avalanche victims S1 + shovel Grizzly 1 + probe 240 Pro Carbon + Rucksack airbag SNOWPULSE Freeride + ‘Destination Powder’ brochure, the specialists in heli-skiing.