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1985-1990: The fun fluo years!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 - 9h04 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

In 1984 the soon to become cult film “Apocalypse Snow” with Régis Rolland gives snowboarding stigma and consequently the fun years are born. Snowboarding really takes off in winter 1986/87 and Rossignol are the first ski company to manufacture a specialized alpine snowboard with their legendary model ‘Avion’. After buying out Anoralp in 1984, Rossignol take their first steps in the textile industry, something that would stop in 1990 and start up again 5 yeas later with their creation of Sportline…

In 1985 fluo is everywhere, worn as a total look including the face; remember Zinc, imported sun cream from Australia! Surfing brands start up snow wear that suit the snowboarding scene: the case with Quicksilver and their “war paint” prints or O’Neil and their fluo yoked jumpsuits. New brands are created alongside this new discipline; Oxbow for example started up in 1986 in Bordeaux swamp the market with their suede jackets and thick woollen jumpers with motifs that are worn over the top of jackets. Also the German brand, Chiemsee bring success in 1988 with their fluo jackets and jumpsuits with all-over dotted kangaroos. At the end of the 80’s the fluo years leave room for more neutral colours in a return to minimalism; white, black, grey and dark blue come back in force.

Park Style: Elvis is back!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 - 12h49 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

Going unnoticed in the Snowpark, you gotta be kidding! Here’s how to steal the limelight with a total look for that funky mountain chick. Rock ‘n’ roll is rife in the snow world, a trend that’s creating a stir.

If you’ve been following Heidi carefully, Arno Repa, the product manager for Rossignol snowboard & our clever ideas man, has already explained the how and why of the rocker. An invention so brilliant that it gives you maximum sensations for minimum effort. With this Justice snowboard the comfort of the ride on all terrain is absolute. Teamed with bindings of the same name, the look will blow you away. For someone who loves to dazzle on the slopes, if the snow Grammy awards existed, it would be you who’d take the spotlight!

From top to bottom & left to right:

Board: Rossignol Justice + Bindings Justice + Helmet Toxic Fashion + Trousers: JCC by Rossignol Dandy Pt + Jacket Star Down JktMask Glam2 black + Hat Cherry Black + Gloves Kelly W

Elina Sirparanta, action photographer

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 - 7h00 / by Da Baronne in Behind the scenes

Elina is one of those exceptional female photographers. 28 years old, a sinewy five foot two inch dynamo, with a very intimate expressive view on Backcountry Freestyle Skiing; a discipline that she photographs imaginatively and that she has been part of since its evolution. The stunning book « Gravity » recounts her life with the riders and her profound respect for them. It’s a classy and modern work, just like her.

It’s a true love story that has made Elina one of the most important photographers of this winter wonderland, akin to a novel. For that matter, literature still remains her first passion; strangely, she is devoted to Samuel Becket’s novels. Incidentally she likes spinning a yarn and saw herself more as a writer until she crossed paths with a ski activist and the charismatic Julien Regnier during her high school years in 1997 on an exchange trip, as Elina is Finnish. She will move to La Plagne permanently three years later and begin her surprising journey as a photographer. The ski magazines and videos that pervade Julien’s apartment at the time and that she devours are her turning point: why not try photography? With Eric Bergeri teaching her the basics of exposures, and the new avant-garde International riders as her models, Elina’s learning curve and progression shoots her sky high! She starts by photographing in the snow park at La Plagne with an old Minolta and switches to a second hand Canon EOS 5. In 2004 she goes digital and consolidates her style: strong lighting, using flash in bad weather conditions in the forest and Backcountry Freestyle, preferably in Whistler, her favourite spot.

Elina’s strength: the listener. She doesn’t dictate her ideas or impose anything on the riders. She has too much respect and admiration for them: “chatting with the riders, that’s really the most important because they know exactly what they want to do, that was a huge help” she confides.

Don’t ask to help her with her camera bag, despite her tiny size, she’s condensed energy. “She’s incredible, only 28, what a future! It’s impressive what she lugs around and even more so because she doesn’t stop marching here and there to find the right angle. And, she’s fast and always happy.” Declares Ludovic Strohl who has been out shooting with her a few times.

Here’s some examples from her site, I’ll let you judge for yourself…

Keep an eye on this one!

Kevin Rolland, champion des X-Games à Tignes.

Kevin Rolland, à Avoriaz.

Kie Petersen

Powder to go-go: a special ‘Into the wild’ range

Friday, February 19th, 2010 - 12h31 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

An ode to powder skiing, it’s 10 years since the famous Rossignol Bandit made its mark, now the girl’s B86 version is here. This freeride ski can rip the pistes with as much style as off-piste and so the entire mountain will be at your mercy. Slip into the Myth Sensor3 80 boots, especially construed for little feet and the one-piece outfit, and all that’s left is to click on sur to book your heli-skiing CMH in Canada and attack 30,000 metres of vertical bliss in five days! If you’re smart you’ll remember your safety kit, an apparatus for locating avalanche victims, shovel, probe and airbag rucksack, because in the mountains zero risk does NOT exist… Attention please, this equipment is not for decoration: to have it with you is one thing, but you must know how to use it. To those good listeners, see you on the virgin slopes of Cariboos in British Colombia!

From left to right & top to bottom:

Combo ROSSIGNOL: skis B86 + poles Freeride Women + ski boots Myth Sensor3 80 + Helmet Toxic Fashion + mask Glam + One Piece  Supernova Suit W +Mittens B80 M W

Kit A.R.V.A. shovel & probe ORTOVOX: apparatus for locating avalanche victims S1 + shovel Grizzly 1 + probe 240 Pro Carbon + Rucksack airbag SNOWPULSE Freeride + ‘Destination Powder’ brochure, the specialists in heli-skiing.

SOS - my feet hurt in my ski boots!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 - 9h45 / by heidi in Mountain Rescue

4 golden rules to stop the nightmare!

Always keep your ski boots warm – in the apartment. Putting on warm boots is a major asset for the entire day.

Do not over tighten the buckles in the first ½ hour – when feet are brutally compressed they often react by swelling. Tighten the buckles after the first descent.

If your feet really are hurting, going somewhere warm and taking off your boots for 10 minutes is often enough to sort the problem.

In the cold: technical socks are indispensable. Afterwards, be careful not to over compress the feet, feeling the cold is often a circulatory problem when blood cannot reach the toes. Make sure toes can move freely. For those who are extra sensitive to the cold, external heating systems exist adapted to all types of boots.

So, now you’ve no longer got any excuses to stop in the mountain restaurant an hour after setting out … a fake disinterested look, riveted on the incessant lines of red uniforms!

Ladies’ Week in Brides-les-Bains from 1st to 6th March 2010!

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 - 13h10 / by heidi in Heidi downtown

Bride-les-Bains (Savoy), the low cost ski resort in the 3 Valleys (Courchevel, Méribel,…) has decided to pamper the girls for a whole week: 1st – 6th March. Every day, after skiing or visiting the spa, free workshops are organised by beauty and well-being professionals. Not forgetting that the ski domain is top notch! (I became a fan not so long ago!…)

It’d be shame to miss out?!

Reservations either made by Internet at or at the Tourist Office in Brides-les-Bains tel: 04 79 55 20 64

1980 – 1985: Goodbye traditional skiing, long live the new riding experienc

Monday, February 15th, 2010 - 9h00 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

With the arrival of new riding trends, snowboarding at the forefront, off-piste becomes the Holy Grail. At the beginning of the 80’s, ski touring, as well as cross country skiing, enjoy expansion, likewise artistic skiing and mono-skiing in 1981 (Rossignol’s mono-skis: ‘Soleil’ and ‘Diabolo’ become pioneers in this fleeting discipline thanks to their graphics. In 3 years the company becomes the world leader in this specialized market). Each pursuit has its own codes, as much as for the look as for the discipline.

Fashion becomes international and Scandinavian and American brands touch down in France: Helly Hansen, Patagonia, The North Face, Sno, Elho. Unisex is no longer fashionable and skiers get a touch of glamour in jumpsuits that show off their forms, ski pants make a come back. For men the jumpsuit is also worn and remains figure hugging.

Thanks to the arrival of new warm and breathable materials, lines become finer; the 3 layer system, still used in 2008, makes its mark on the French market, Eider and Helly Hansen are the first to use this idea soon to be followed by a multitude of technical brands.

Love solidariday!

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 - 10h14 / by heidi in Mood pieces

To all those Heidi girls who don’t have a valentine on this day where we’re obliged to have one (and on a Sunday!!!!!?), to those who haven’t yet digested their last love story, I dedicate this beautiful song to you… listen to it over and over again as only girls know how… and carry on to the last!

Sorry that there’s no multilingual version… but rest assured her sugary sultry tones sing it as it is… the worthlessness of revenge and the beauty gained by rising above it!

Berry - Enfant de s*****d


Canada’s Olympic Ceremonies

Friday, February 12th, 2010 - 19h32 / by heidi in Heidi downtown

Le spectacle c’est pour ce soir! En attendant de découvrir les couleurs de cette cérémonie d’ouverture, voici quelques infos sur sa longue préparation…

Back from Ispo 2010!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010 - 16h41 / by heidi in Mood pieces

Here I am back from Munich, where like every year, the International winter sports trade show takes place. Four unprecedented days when each and every sports brand unveils their latest innovations in equipment and clothes. OK, so see you in a few days for a preview of what you’ll discover in next autumn season’s collections…!

Mmm… I guess there’s not much point in spinning a line, Ispo is not just a salon for professionals, but also, where old friends catch up, aperitifs merge one into another, litres of beer, a few bottles of champagne, eternal nights and early mornings… oh yeah, no lie-ins allowed… we are nonetheless here to work!!!

So, whilst waiting to see you again soon, I’m gonna sit back and recover from the frenzy of my Munichan nights by watching the snowflakes delicately fall… to the sound of an old classic!”

La montagne - Jean Ferrat