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Retro chic

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 - 15h23 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

Cool, we’re going skiing! Dressed in “retro chic” fashion because it carries more punch!

Are you a tincey-wincey bit nostalgic for the elegance of winter sports of yesteryear? We have everything you need with the 1907 collection, a flashback to the year Rossignol was created. A very elegant and sober look, with its feminine cut and satin look jacket made from stretch fabric. The trousers are in 4 way stretch and ultra flexible creating the ski pant silhouette. With this very becoming look all that’s remains is to put on your Harmony l Casual skis and carve the slopes with style. Look very closely at them, particularly at their heels: you aren’t the only one to have a nipped in waist, your skis have one too! Slimmed down at the back, these skis are light as a feather and turn with ease. Fluid to ride they guarantee your progression and only surprises are in store for you!

Skis Rossignol Harmony I Casual + Poles Harmony + Skiboots Xena X60 + Goggles Glam Croco Black + Pearl JacketSaphir Pant W+ beanes Perrine + T-shirt ML Lilac

Let’s feminise Freestyle!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 - 16h29 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

Take advantage of the snow parks, not forgetting THE ad hoc outfit for the occasion! Long live eccentricity! It’s the necessary inspirational ingredient for freestyle skiing. The Poppy 80 skis should boost your creativity and make a statement in the snow parks. These skis are ‘pop’ in every sense of the word: aesthetically very girlie and also technically out there, they give energy to the tricks. Product team are as always on the ball for details, the matching poles are a must! If winter isn’t long enough to practice all those new figures, you’ll have the whole summer on the glaciers to test your style to perfection in the snow camps at Les 2 Alpes, Diablorets or Tignes, the freestyle Meccas.

Freestylers are strongly recommended to wear a helmet and back protection, and sunglasses should be put aside in favour of a mask…

Skis Poppy 80 + Poles Poppy + Helmet Toxic + Ski boots Myth Sensor3 90Star Jacket WStar pant+ Goggle Alias Attraxion + Gloves Mia G W + Back Protection Black Protect Sr (6 plaques)

“This is not a cloud…” by JCC

Thursday, March 4th, 2010 - 11h50 / by heidi in Mountain style

This season you will have realised, just like Doriane, we fell head over heels for Jean Charles de Castelbaljac’s pop/chic collection. Here are some photos from the catalogue, as well as the fashion show video of the ready-to-wear collection, the inspiration for these dazzling outfits!

The much talked about down jacket “ This is not a cloud…” worn by Doriane Vidal, the snowboarder recently spotted backstage at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Doudoune SMILY Cloud

Doudoune SMILY red

Doudoune SMILY green + Pant FITTY

Jacket SWAN + Pant BOBBY GTX

Jacket CANDY

Jacket WENDY

And for those who are nostalgic for little building blocks, here’s a fun video of JCC’s fashion show in 100% Lego. We love the Playmobil version of Anna Wintour at the 29th second, accompanied by her little devil… dressed in Prada, naturally!

A Weekend just for girls! - Pra Loup 13th & 14th March!

Monday, March 1st, 2010 - 7h00 / by heidi in Heidi downtown

Special weekends and weeks dedicated to girls have quadrupled in the last few years, a good pay off being the latest target market for ski resorts! It doesn’t matter if your style is ‘Desperate Housewives’ or more ‘Sex in the City’, call your girlfriends, sisters and sisters-in-law, cousins and work mates, Pra Loup promises a girlie weekend full of special privileges the 13th & 14th March. A FREE ski pass, FREE ski rental Sunday if you rented on Saturday, irresistible shopping offers and special menus conjured up just for you… (mmm… not too light I hope, personally between you and me, I prefer a good tartiflette!)

For more info call the Tourist Office in Pra Loup on 04 92 84 10 04.

Powder to go-go: a special ‘Into the wild’ range

Friday, February 19th, 2010 - 12h31 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

An ode to powder skiing, it’s 10 years since the famous Rossignol Bandit made its mark, now the girl’s B86 version is here. This freeride ski can rip the pistes with as much style as off-piste and so the entire mountain will be at your mercy. Slip into the Myth Sensor3 80 boots, especially construed for little feet and the one-piece outfit, and all that’s left is to click on sur www.destination-poudreuse.com to book your heli-skiing CMH in Canada and attack 30,000 metres of vertical bliss in five days! If you’re smart you’ll remember your safety kit, an apparatus for locating avalanche victims, shovel, probe and airbag rucksack, because in the mountains zero risk does NOT exist… Attention please, this equipment is not for decoration: to have it with you is one thing, but you must know how to use it. To those good listeners, see you on the virgin slopes of Cariboos in British Colombia!

From left to right & top to bottom:

Combo ROSSIGNOL: skis B86 + poles Freeride Women + ski boots Myth Sensor3 80 + Helmet Toxic Fashion + mask Glam + One Piece  Supernova Suit W +Mittens B80 M W

Kit A.R.V.A. shovel & probe ORTOVOX: apparatus for locating avalanche victims S1 + shovel Grizzly 1 + probe 240 Pro Carbon + Rucksack airbag SNOWPULSE Freeride + ‘Destination Powder’ brochure, the specialists in heli-skiing.

SOS - my feet hurt in my ski boots!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 - 9h45 / by heidi in Mountain Rescue

4 golden rules to stop the nightmare!

Always keep your ski boots warm – in the apartment. Putting on warm boots is a major asset for the entire day.

Do not over tighten the buckles in the first ½ hour – when feet are brutally compressed they often react by swelling. Tighten the buckles after the first descent.

If your feet really are hurting, going somewhere warm and taking off your boots for 10 minutes is often enough to sort the problem.

In the cold: technical socks are indispensable. Afterwards, be careful not to over compress the feet, feeling the cold is often a circulatory problem when blood cannot reach the toes. Make sure toes can move freely. For those who are extra sensitive to the cold, external heating systems exist adapted to all types of boots.

So, now you’ve no longer got any excuses to stop in the mountain restaurant an hour after setting out … a fake disinterested look, riveted on the incessant lines of red uniforms!

Better than chocolate My Sweetheart… the complete wardrobe for lovers… of Backcountry.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 - 9h40 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

Valentine’s is not a one-way affair, here’s how to pamper your sweetheart and make him fall at your feet, well, at least for the winter anyway! With this outfit, even if he’s not a pro rider, he will at least look like one!

Ready for Rideable Art? The new S7BC backcountry skis have the creative touch of the celebrated London artist Will Barras no less! An influential artist in board culture, the Spacejunk art gallery is wild about his work. With these mega fat skis and their monstrous versatility, your honey will taste the rocker, a revolution that’ll change his perception of skiing. Very lifted at the ski-tips and heel for floating on powder, yet they keep a slight camber under the foot to remain efficient on the pistes. Together with the SAS Pro 120BC ski boots, 4 buckles in carefully prepared composite for yomping off-piste thanks to their non-slip Vibram sole, he’ll be the backcountry king… like the mighty Candide Thovex, so, reading “The Book of Candide” admiring its cool images will be inspiration enough. You’ve really thought of everything!

From top to bottom and from left to right :

Skis:  S7BC Will Barras – Poles: SAS Pro - Goggle: Toxic White - Ski boots: SAS Pro 120BC - Outfit Rossignol : Jacket Gemini + Trousers: Gemini Shell - Helmet: Toxic - Rucksack: ABS Airbag - Gloves: Rossignol Brandon

The Book Of Candide by Christoffer Sjötröm (Bilingual English/French).

Why not offer him a large format high-resolution reproduction photo from one of the leading photographers from the site freesportsgallery.com

Une fille garante de l’image de marque!

Monday, February 8th, 2010 - 17h30 / by heidi in Behind the scenes

Anne-Laure, Rossignol’s Brand Manager, is our guest today. A girl, who is as feminine as she is sporty and has no problem keeping her balance on slippery surfaces. She’s here to recall her early career at the forefront of managing women’s ski collections, her challenges, motivations, and the role she plays today in the heart of marketing.

Heidi: Where did the desire to work within the ski industry come from?

Anne-Laure: I originate from the French Alps so my roots brought me naturally into this field. Skiing is also about technology and it’s an aspect that I find fascinating. At the time, the industry was still in its early stages of growth concerning the development of products for women, there were and still are many possibilities and I love the idea of having input in this evolution.

H: What inspires you about skiing?

AL: It’s difficult to put into words; it’s more a feeling, how you feel, the sense of freedom, of being in the heart of nature…

H: Tell us about your background in marketing and product development?

AL: I graduated in Sport’s Marketing with a Masters in Board Sports Product Engineering and a PhD in International Marketing Strategy within the women’s sports field. All this made me realise that gender must be taken into account when designing, but there are also major cultural and geographical issues that need to be addressed which, for various reasons, are often put to one side. It is very interesting to see how ski practices vary according to the culture and background of each country and subsequently how this influences the consumer’s behaviour.

H: What were your first experiences in the ski industry?

AL: I began my career as Product Manager at Rossignol for 4 years, then, I was Marketing Manager at Roxy skis for 3 years. In this line of work you manage 3 collections at the same time.

H: Does this mean that at any given moment you are working on 3 different seasons?

AL: Effectively yes, year N is the current year, which includes the products that are in the shops and that involve sales training and after sales service.The collection N+1, that is at that same time in the shops. It’s a very important stage where we gather feedback from the retailer dealers, we see the trends and we work on advertising. The collection N+2, we begin developing from the feedback we receive from the riders and consumers. This stage is extremely interesting.

H: What does your current position entail?

AL: As Brand Manager I am responsible for the development and direction of the Rossignol brand. This includes implementing a marketing plan that integrates market research, brand identity, trade show presence, advertising, in-store sales tools, promotions and special events.

H: What types of challenges do you face?

AL: The main challenge is finding a way to develop a brand that must satisfy a very wide target group. A brand that corresponds to both the different categories encompassed: men, women, adolescents and children, but also the various types of practice: Alpine twin-tip, Free, All Mountain, Nordic, Snowboarding. Not to mention, as I previously pointed out, that each country has a very particular culture. No matter what we do regarding product development, graphics or communication, we must cater to the needs of the various targets, practices and cultures.

H: Does the fact of being a woman, or working for women’s products have specific challenges in what is nevertheless a masculine world?

AL: You’re right the ski industry is rather macho! I started at Rossignol when I was 23 and it was the very early stages of developing the women’s ski market. I had to struggle to convince people to work with and for women. We’ve come a long way since then. The success of the women’s market today is proof that we did the right thing back then. Today I work with a team in the US and another one in Europe, and I work alongside both men and women. The industry still needs to open up more to how women think but I have a feeling it’s coming…

H: In your opinion what is a successful product for women?

AL: It’s products that perfectly respect their anatomy and morphology. Practical innovations that increase comfort and make the product easier to use. But, also products that are absolutely feminine in terms of design, patterns and subtle details. That’s our daily challenge!

H: What goals do you hope to accomplish either in your career or more generally in the world of women’s skiing?

AL: My main aim is to continue to develop products and brands that answer the specific needs of women today. To stay true to my personal values and more globally to support specific causes of an international brand. In this way I want to support women who would like to be involved in this industry. Obviously women and men are different but at the end of the day what is more important is what we can accomplish together and with conviction.

ST Valentine’s day is calling… is your man lacking ideas for the perfect gift?

Friday, February 5th, 2010 - 2h51 / by Da Baronne in Mountain style

You’re escaping for a week in the snow? Admit it – St Valentine’s is the ideal pretext for discreetly sliding this shopping list onto your hunk’s smartphone. With one click, the message is clear: when 14th February arrives, he can’t say he had no idea what to get you!

So we’ve pulled out all the stops, enjoy a little extravagance! Check out the funky, hyper technical Rossignol Gore-Tex outfit signed by Jean Charles de Castlebajac. The jacket is lined with Thinsulate, the ‘must have’ in thermal insulation. As for ultra performance skis, these Attraxion XII come highly recommended by the specialized press, and you’ll never have cause to ride with men’s skis again. A racing construction makes them so awesome on the slopes that your only risk is leaving your sweetheart in your wake! After ripping up the slopes all day, nothing can beat a pit stop at the Pure Altitude spa at the ‘Ferme de Marie’ in Megève to regenerate in a harmonious atmosphere of herbs and minerals…

Everybody knows that in life, it’s better to have big dreams so you don’t lose sight of them…

From left to right and top to bottom:

Skis: ATTRAXION XII Skis with SAPHIR 120 L TPI² bindings - Poles: HARMONY Classic - Goggle: GLAM Croco White - Ski boots: VITA SENSOR 60

Jacket: LOVELY GTX PR by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for Rossignol – Pant : CHARLY GTX by JCC for Rossignol - Beanes : JCC BOBLY – Mittens: JCC BETSY M

Headphones: WESC Travel Bear - Swimming costume: WESC - Spa: PURE ALTITUDE at Fermes de Marie in Megève

How do you choose the correct ski boots?

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 - 17h02 / by heidi in Mountain Rescue

You don’t have to be a pro skier to know that being comfortable in your boots is the key to a successful day’s skiing! Likewise, if it’s the opposite, your riding dream can quickly transform into a nightmare!

Therefore choosing your ski boots is an important procedure and not to be taken lightly.

Fabienne, product manager for the women’s alpine boots collection, guides us step by step to help you choose the perfect ski boots.

Chaussure Vita Sensor 80

Heidi: What’s the first stage in choosing a boot?

Fabienne: You could start by collecting information on the Internet, but be careful, ski boots are technical tools, it is imperative to obtain advice, so talk to a specialist.

Heidi: What are the main functions of a ski boot?

Fabienne: A ski boot “blocks” the foot enabling it to transmit information to the ski – the energy, it also insulates and protects the foot. You must also remember that the sock plays an important role in the comfort of the foot. Start by choosing a thin technical sock and try all your boots with the same sock.

Heidi: There are many models to choose from, where do you start?

Fabienne: First of all you must identify your skiing level – how fit you are will determine the technical aspect of your chosen boot. Be careful, don’t over estimate your capabilities, skiing with boots that are too stiff and too narrow is impossible for a beginner.

When you have decided what your performance level is you can then look at the different options on offer according to the price range: rubber heels, easy opening…

Heidi: what are the differences between a lower range model and a top-of-the-range model?

Fabienne: top-of-the-range boots are narrower – the width of the forefoot is between 95 and 100mm – consequently a very snug fit – precise. Lower range boots are generally much wider – about 104mm at the forefoot, the liner is more padded, they are less precise controlling the skis, the priority here is comfort. The quality of the plastic, more or less rigid, liners that are more or less padded, and the buckles are also very different. These variations have an impact on the precision, comfort and durability of your boots.

Heidi: The women’s collection stands out with colours, materials and a style that are very specific, but that’s not all, what are the particular technical differences designated to a woman’s boot?

Fabienne: Women’s calf muscles are attached lower down and the heels and the form of the foot are narrower. By taking into account the anatomical differences Rossignol has designed specific upper cuffs and liners. Our philosophy has always been to respect a woman’s anatomy and morphology, but also to develop extremely useful innovations regarding comfort and making the article easier to use. We are always looking for ways of designing resolutely feminine products in terms of their design, super cosy linings, ultra feminine patterns, subtle details… A ski boot must also be heartfelt desire!

Heidi: Once you find the model that pleases you, is there an infallible rule to choosing the correct size - we often hear that you should take a size bigger than your normal shoe size, is this true?

Fabienne: All ski boot manufacturers use the same sizing scale called Mondo Point or MSS - Metric Sizing System – it is the length of your foot in cm. Look at the conversion table here. As for all types of shoes – for the city as for sport – there will always be variations between different manufacturers. To say that you should systematically take one size bigger is ridiculous! You should have your feet measured by a specialist sales person and do not hesitate to take advice for choosing the right size.

Heidi: In the comfort of a specialised shop how do we know when a boot is the right one?

Fabienne: If there are parts that are painful whilst trying them on, there is no reason whatsoever that they will disappear when skiing. It is not the correct boot for you – that said, there are very specialised techniques enabling an adaptation of boots to help fit “difficult” feet. The evenly secure hold within the boot is fundamental, both as much for excellent skiers as for beginners.

For any skier, whatever your level, if you are comfortable in your boots your performance is increased.

Heidi: Could you summarise this year’s all mountain range in a nutshell?

The Women’s collection covers all price ranges for performance, comfort and aesthetics.

ELECTRA: for expert skiers

VITA: for intermediate skiers where performance and aesthetics go hand in hand.

XENA: for skiers who search efficacy without sacrificing comfort.

Heidi: A last word on SENSOR technology, the major innovation in boot materials?

The aim of Sensor technology is to give the skier maximum sensations. We have designed the liner in such a way that it is in direct contact with the shell at the level of the forefoot (where the action is for controlling turns and driving the skis…) enabling excellent control and precision whilst piloting the skis.

Thank you Fabienne for all this very useful information just in time for the February holidays. All the necessary technical details of the women’s range of ski boots are here for those who would like to know more about each model.

Happy choosing!

(photo product Kalice - portrait stefcande.com